Building bridges, Crossing borders

The world today is experiencing complex political situations that have driven, while at the same time obstructed, the mobility of people from one country to another. In its tenth edition, the 2018 National Performing Arts Encounter (Enartes) will stimulate reflection regarding the influence and consequences of this situation on the mobility of the performing arts, as well as how artists instrument the ways they face it, particularly their articulation in domestic and international networks, as well as their relationship to multiculturalism, social and community development, and the teen and children’s sector.

The Colloquium Building Bridges, Crossing Borders is a collaboration with the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (ifacca). The idea is to expand the international scope of the reflections and discussions held, publish the presentations, as well as further disseminate them through the ifacca’s exceptional network that includes over 400 arts councils and culture agencies.

Between October 27 and 31, there will be Keynote speeches, round table discussions and workshops with participants from four continents who will share their experiences, thoughts and suggestions about what is happening and what is still to be done in the field of the performing arts.