Since 2003, the Mexico: Performing Arts Encounter (Enartes is its Spanish acronym) has been a key international forum for specialists and professionals in the performing arts. Its mission is to create a platform that encourages national and international mobility of soloists, groups and performing arts professionals. Enartes also seeks to encourage dialogue and the creation of collaborative networks among the meeting’s participants; promote the professionalization of groups as sustainable cultural enterprises; and foster the presentation of innovative performances, thus facilitating greater opportunities for these performances to be experienced in touring and performance circuits at home and abroad.

To achieve these objectives, Enartes hosts a series of showcases comprised of dance performances, street theater and circus shows, interdisciplinary and scenic works with new technologies, music, theater and, this year, the inclusion of performances for children and young people. Enartes also includes business meetings to encourage connections between national and international artists, cultural promoters, programmers, festival directors, and cultural venues.

During Enartes, in addition to the abovementioned activities, complementary activities are designed to promote networking opportunities and dialogue among participants. These include conferences, peer meetings and academic professionalization activities, among others.

On a continuous basis, Enartes has been held in Mexico City in its 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2009 editions, while the 2011 and 2013 editions were held in the city of León, Guanajuato, in collaboration with the International Cervantino Festival.

This tenth edition of Enartes will again be held in Mexico City. Its institutional sites are the National Center for the Arts (Centro Nacional de las Artes), the National Institute of Fine Arts Cultural Center (Centro Cultural del Bosque del INBA), and the Mexico City Theaters Network (Sistema de Teatros de la CDMX). The independent spaces that are also participating include La Titería Cultural Center, La Capilla Theater, El Vicio Bar Theater, Un Teatro Theater, La Teatrería Theater, the Veracruz Cultural Center, the Dramatic Art Center (CADAC), the Multiforum Bajo Circuito and the Teatro El Milagro venue.

The X Performing Arts Encounter will offer new experiences and generate creative, cooperative and artistic development relationships.